Planning for the Spring 2002 Trip

Costs, Payment, and Financial Aid

The cost of the trip is $3,400. That figure covers all transportation and housing costs, all class field trips, and per diem stipends adequate for meals and entrance fees.

Financial aid is available. The Student Academic Assistance Committee (SAAC) makes decisions about financial aid based on both financial need and merit. Students applying for financial aid must: (1) have on file in the Financial Aid Office a FAFSA form (the form to apply for financial aid during the regular academic year), (2) submit to the Office of Academic Affairs by Monday September 17 a "Financial Need Evaluation Form" (this one is specifically for study abroad in the spring term), and (3) submit to the Office of Acadmic Affairs an "academic data sheet" and a "statement of academic merit . . . describing their particular qualifications and the benefits they will realize by taking this course."

In the "evaluation of merit," the SAAC gives consideration to: "(1) academic history, including cumulative GPA and class (senior, junior, etc.); (2) curricular background, work experience, and particular skills relevant to success in the course; (3) the significance of the course experience for the student's academic and/or career interest; (4) the quality of the written statement itself." (from Program Guidelines, Financial Need Evaluation 06/29/01)

Here are some important deadlines.

April 24-May 22, 2002

April 24 6:00 PM (daylight savings time) meet at Air France check-in area in Greater Cincinnati Airport
April 24 9:25 PM: leave Greater Cincinnati Airport: Air France (Flight 381V)
April 25 11:20 AM: arrive in Paris DeGaulle Airport
April 25 1:25 PM: leave Paris DeGaulle Airport: Air France (Flight 5042Y)
April 25 3:20 PM: arrive in Florence, Amerigo Vespucci Airport

April 25-May 14
Stay at the Hotel Casci, Florence

May 15
Travel to Rome

May 15-May 21
Stay at the Hotel Primavera, Rome

May 22 10:20 AM: leave Rome DaVinci Airport: Air France (Flight 1205Y)
May 22 12:25 PM: arrive in Paris DeGaulle Airport
May 22 4:05 PM: leave Paris DeGaulle Airport: Air France (Flight 380Y)
May 22 7:05 PM: arrive in Greater Cincinnati Airport


Hotel Casci
Via Cavour, 13
1-50129 Firenze
phone: 011 39 (0)55 211 686
fax: 011 39 (0)55 239 6461
Lombardi family (Armando, Carla, and Paolo)

Hotel Primavera
Piazza San Pantaleo 3
00185 Roma
phone: 011 39 06 68 80 31 09
fax: 011 39 06 686 92 65
Signor and Signora Belsauti

People in Florence in the Age of the Renaissance

1. Courtney Allen
2. Katie Ardelean
3. Sarah Blythe
4. Angela Bornstein
5. Mandie Fulcher
6. Jessica Gordon
7. Bonney Hartley
8. Amy Jay
9. Nathaniel Kean
10. Lindsay Morgan
11. Michael Poffenbarger
12. John Pollom
13. Hanna Scott
14. Adam Smith
15. Sabra Snyder
16. Megan Stevens
17. Annie Stevenson
18. Michael Szalay
19. Michael Wee
20. Melissa Eden
21. Frank Luttmer

People in Drawing II

1.Kristen Bedard
2. Kathryn Burton
3. Amanda Crecelious
4. Claire Denys
5. Tai Duncan
6. Amanda Gahimer
7. Brandon Guyer
8. Hannah Harbin
9. Jane Inman
10. Alexandra Keenan
11. Deborah Whistler

Last Updated: April 24, 2002
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