History and Literature of Italy, 1300-1600

13th Century Background
Progetto Duocento Italian texts (Biblioteca)
A Guide to Thirteenth Century Theologians (Gary Macy)
Bibliotheque French and Latin texts
The Aquinas Translation Project (Niagra University)
Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica (New Advent)
Thomas Aquinas, Summa Contra Gentiles with some abridgement (Jacques Maritain Center)

Dante Alighieri: A Guide to Online Resources (ORB)
Dante Alighieri on the Web
Dante Studies (Otfried Lieberknecht)
Dante and Others (A.S.Kline)
E-Texts of Dante's Works (ORB)
Digital Dante includes works influencing Dante--by Aristotle, Virgil, Ovid, Aquinas (Columbia)
Works in Italian and Latin(Biblioteca)
Comedy: Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradisio S. Fowler Wright's English translation (SFJ)
Comedy H. F. Cary's English translation(Project Gutenberg)
Comedy A.S.Kline's English prose translation
Comedy James Finn Cotter's English translation
Comedy Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's English translation (Cimmay)
Comedy Italian and Longfellow and Mandelbaum English translations (Digital Dante)
Comedy Italian and Longfellow and Cary English translations (ELF)
The New Life (Vita Nuova) Italian English (Dante Alighieri on the Web)
Convivio English translation (Digital Dante)
On the Monarchy (De Monarchia) Latin (Dante Alighieri on the Web)
Poetry Selections in English translation (Joseph Tusiani)

Decameron Web (Brown)
Works in Italian (Biblioteca)
Decameron Italian, based on V. Branca's Einaudi edition, 1992 (Brown)
Decameron J.M. Rigg's English translation, 1921 (Brown)
The Decameron John Florio's English translation, 1620 (Brown)

Canzoniere Italian (Biblioteca)
Sonnets and Canzoniere selections in Italian and English (UC-Davis)
Familiar Letters selections in English (Hanover Historical Texts Project)

14th Century
Progetto Trecento Italian texts (Biblioteca)
Giovanni Villani, Florentine Chronicle (Internet Medieval Sourcebook)
Bartolus of Sassoferrato, On the Tyrant (Internet Medieval Sourcebook) trans. Steve Lane
The Arte della Lana and the Government of Florence, 1224 (Internet Medieval Sourcebook)
Treaty for Peace and Commercial Harmony Between Florence and St. Gimignano, 1225 (Internet Medieval Sourcebook)
List of Florentine Crafts Subject to Tax, 1316 (Internet Medieval Sourcebook)

15th Century
Progetto Quattrocento Italian texts (Biblioteca)
Petro Paulo Vergerio, De Ingenuis Moribus (Hanover Historical Texts Project)
Leonardo Bruni, De Studiis et Literis (Hanover Historical Texts Project)
Battista Guarino, De Ordine Docendi et Studendi (Hanover Historical Texts Project)
Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini, De Liberorum Educatione (Hanover Historical Texts Project)
Lorenzo Valla, Discourse on the Forgery of the Alleged Donation of Constantine (Hanover Historical Texts Project)
Leon Battista Alberti, On Painting John Spencer trans. (Hungry Minds)
Leon Battista Alberti, Hypnerotomachia Poliphili author unknown, attributed to Alberti (MIT Press)
Lorenzo de Medici, Letter to his Son, Cardinal Giovanni Medici c. 1491(Internet Medieval Sourcebook]
Laura Certa, Letter to Bibulus Sempronius (CCNY)
Pico della Mirandola, Oration on the Dignity of Man Latin (GMU) English (Cosma) Latin, English, and Italian (Brown: Pico Project)
Marsilio Ficino, On Love fragment (Apollo)
Marsilio Ficino, The Book of the Sun (Apollo)
Marsilio Ficino, Letter to Peregrino Agli (On Divine Frenzy) (Apollo)
Marsilio Ficino,Book on the Alchemical Art attributed to Ficino (Alchemy Web)

Works in Italian (Biblioteca)
The Prince W.K. Marriott's English translation (Columbia University)
The Prince N.H. Thompson's English translation (Bartleby)
Discourses on Livy Henry Neville's English translation (Constitution.org)
History of Florence Hugo Albert Rennert's English translation in text or zip (Gutenberg)
The Art of War Henry Neville's English translation(Constitution.org)

16th Century
Progetto Cinquecento Italian texts (Biblioteca)
Baldassare Castiglione, The Book of the Courtier Thomas Hoby trans. (Renascence Editions)
Ludovico Ariosto, Orlando Furioso (Online Medieval and Classical Library)
Benvenuto Cellini, Autobiography excerpts (University of Oregon)
Torquato Tasso, Gerusalemme Liberata (Online Medieval and Classical Library)
Giorgio Vasari, Lives of the Artists (Internet Medieval Sourcebook)

Useful Web Sites
Biblioteca Autori e opere della Letteratura Italiana an enormous etext project by prof. Giuseppe Bonghi
Manuzio Project: Biblioteca
The Italian Renaissance (Internet Archive, Hanover College)

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