Tudor and Stuart England
Fall Semester 1999

Frank Luttmer
108 Classic Hall
M W F: 10-11, 12-1
866-7205 (office) 866-4073 (home)

Course Description and Objectives

This course is an introduction to the social, political, religious, and intellectual history of England during the reigns of the Tudor and Stuart monarchs, with particular attention given to three major developments of the era: the Renaissance, the Reformation, and the seventeenth-century political Revolutions. The format will be discussion rather than lecture. In addition to increasing your understanding of early modern England, the course is designed to deepen your appreciation of the study of history, strengthen your capacity to think critically and analytically, and improve your research and writing skills. You will be expected to analyze primary documents carefully and thoughtfully, develop and defend your own interpretations, and write a substantive research paper.


Lacey Baldwin Smith, This Realm of England
Frank Luttmer, ed., Renaissance, Reformation, and Revolution
Carole Levin, The Heart and Stomach of a King
Paul Seaver, Wallington's World: A Puritan Artisan in Seventeenth-Century London


Final grades will be based on an evaluation of the following.

1. Two mid-term exams (15% each) and a final exam (20%)

2. A Research paper submitted in two drafts (15% for the first draft and 25% for the second)

3. Class participation(10%)


Late Medieval Society

Sept. 8
Feudalism and Social Change
Smith, 25-43, 75-90; RRR, 1-5 (Book of Chivalry)

Sept. 10
Church, Culture, and a New Dynasty
Smith, 43-48, 91-111; RRR, 6-13 (Art or Craft to Live Well)

The Early Renaissance

Sept. 13
The Continental Influence
RRR, 14-20 (Erasmus, Machiavelli)

Sept. 15
English Humanists
RRR, 21-30 (Elyot)

Sept. 17
English Humanists
RRR, 31-44 (More)

Reformation and Reaction

Sept. 20
Origins of the Reformation
Smith, 112-140; RRR,45-46 (Fish)

Sept. 22
The Henrician Reformation, Theology, and Polemics
Smith, 140-149; RRR, 47-57 (Tyndale, More, Henrician Statutes)

Sept. 24
Edward and Mary
Smith, 153-172; RRR, 58-64 (Bonner, Antichrist)

The Elizabethan Age

Sept. 27
The First Decades
Smith, 173-202; RRR, 65-73 (Foxe)

Sept. 29
Spain, Catholics, and Conflict
Smith, 203-210; RRR, 111-120 (Parsons, Cecil, Oration)

Oct. 1
Puritans and Anti-Puritans: Church Government and Liturgy
Smith, 211-216; RRR, 74-82, 103-110 (Field and Wilcox, Barrow, Hooker)

Oct. 4
Puritans and Anti-Puritans: Theology, Salvation, and Popular Culture
RRR, 83-102 (Perkins, Rogers, Downame, Gifford)

Oct. 6
Elizabethan Politics
Smith, 217-228; RRR, 121-129 (D'Ewes)

Oct. 8

Elizabeth I: A Biography

Oct. 11
The Heart and Stomach of a King
Levin, 1-65

Oct. 13
The Heart and Stomach of a King
Levin, 66-120

Oct. 15
The Heart and Stomach of a King
Levin, 121-172

Elizabethan and Jacobean Culture

Oct. 20
Body, Soul, and Cosmos
RRR (Hill, Valentius, Abernethy)

Oct. 22
Music and Natural Law
RRR (Byrd, Hooker)

Oct. 25
Human Nature, Civilization, and History
RRR (Bacon, Raleigh)

Tudor and Stuart Society

Oct. 27
Economy and Society
RRR (Smith, Mun)

Oct. 28

Oct. 29
Order and Disorder in Society and the Family
RRR (Exhortation, Robin Hood, Glass of Godly Love, Diaries

Nov. 1
"The Question of Women" and Early Feminism
RRR (Anger, Cavendish, Astell)

Nov. 3
Magic, Witchcraft, and the Witch Hunts
RRR (Chelmsford Witches, Witches Apprehended, Scot, James I)

Nov. 5

The Early Stuarts and the Origins of the Civil War

Nov. 8
James I
Smith, 231-255; RRR (James I)

Nov. 10
Charles I and Conflict
Smith, 256-273; RRR (Prynne, Laurentz,
Petition of Right, His Majesty's Declaration and Speech)

Nov. 12
The Long Parliament and the Road to War
Smith, 273-283; RRR (19 Propositions, His Majesty's Answer)

War and Revolution

Nov. 15
Civil War and Revolution
Smith, 283-293; RRR (Agreement of the People,
Putney Debates, King Charles's Trial and Speech)

Nov. 17
Cromwell, the Commonwealth, and the Protectorate
Smith, 293-304; RRR (Winstanley, Cromwell,
Powell, The Good Old Cause)

Nov. 19
Politics and Theory
RRR (Milton, Harrington, Hobbes)

The Life of a Puritan Artisan

Nov. 22
Wallington's World

Nov. 29
Wallington's World

Dec. 1
Wallington's World

The Later Stuarts and the Glorious Revolution

Dec. 3
Charles I and the Restored Monarchy
Smith, 307-327; RRR (Fowler, Bunyan)

Dec. 6
James II and Revolution
Smith, 328-348; RRR (His Majesty's Gracious Declaration,
A Letter to a Dissenter, Tyrrell)

The Seventeenth Century Intellectual Revolution

Dec. 8
Natural Philosophy
RRR (Bacon, Newton)

Dec. 10
Reason and Religion
RRR (Locke, Blount)

Dec. 13-17

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