Western Civilization II:
Renaissance to Enlightenment
Fall Semester 2000

Frank Luttmer
108 Classic Hall
T R: 10:30-12:00 W: 10:00-11:00
866.7205 (office) 866.4073 (home)

Course Description and Objectives

The second in a four-course sequence in Western Civilization, this course is an introduction to the history of Europe and Europe's colonies (particularly British North America) during the early modern era. The purpose of the Western Civilization sequence is to provide students of history and the liberal arts with a solid foundation in the principal ideas, institutions, and events that have shaped Western civilization. It seeks to promote an understanding of historical context and perspective and to encourage the skills essential to historical inquiry, including the capacity to define historical questions, analyze primary documents, evaluate alternative interpretations, develop coherent arguments, and write clearly and effectively.

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1. Euan Cameron, ed. Early Modern Europe
2. Natalie Davis, The Return of Martin Guerre
3. Joseph Klaits, Servants of Satan
4. Robert Darnton, The Great Cat Massacre
5. Richard Simmons, The American Colonies from Settlement to Independence
6. Readings from the Internet (links to which can be found in the schedule below)


Final grades will be based on an evaluation of the following.

1. Two mid-term exams (15% each) and a final exam (20%)

2. A research paper submitted in two drafts (15% for the first draft and 25% for the second)

3. Class participation (10%)


Sept. 7
Cameron, xvii-xxxi, 1-28; Montaigne

The Sixteenth-Century

Sept. 12
The Common People
Cameron, 31-62; Davis, 1-34

Sept. 14
The Common People
Davis, 35-125

Sept. 19
The Renaissance
Cameron, 63-81; Vergerius; Erasmus

Sept. 21
The Reformation
Cameron, 81-101; Luther

Sept. 26
Reformation, War, and the State
Calvin; Trent; Cameron, 102-131

The Seventeenth-Century

Sept. 28
Capitalism and Empire
Cameron, 132-170; Mun

Oct. 3
Religion and Society
Cameron, 171-189; Bunyan

Oct. 5
Klaits, 1-18

Oct. 10
The Witch Hunts
Klaits, 19-85

Oct. 12
The Witch Hunts
Klaits, 86-103, 128-176

Oct. 19
The Scientific Revolution
Cameron, 189-205; Galileo; Newton

Oct. 24
Absolutism and Liberty
Cameron, 206-230; Louis XIV; Locke

Oct. 26
The Origins of British North America
Simmons, 1-49; Winthrop

Oct. 31
The Colonies after the Restoration
Simmons, 50-97; Jones; Sewall

Nov. 2
The Colonies after the Restoration
Simmons, 98-149; Lawson

Nov. 3

Nov. 7
Darnton, 3-7, 75-104

The Eighteenth-Century

Nov. 9
The Commercial Economy and Society
Cameron, 233-264; Darnton, 107-140

Nov. 14
Peasant Culture
Darnton, 9-72

Nov. 16
The Enlightenment
Cameron, 265-297; Hume

Nov. 21
The Enlightenment
Voltaire; Darnton, 145-189

Nov. 28
States and Politics
Cameron, 298-344; Frederick

Nov. 30
The Growth of British North America
Simmons, 150-205; Franklin

Dec. 5
Religion and Culture in the Colonies
Simmons, 206-239; Edwards; Franklin

Dec. 7
Colonial Government
Simmons, 240-267

Dec. 11-15

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