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"Hanover Greeks Put On Defensive," Hanover College Triangle, 15 Nov. 1964.

Over 70 students packed into the JGBCC Student Senate Room yesterday afternoon in a spontaneous, emotionally charged "free for all" discussion that focused on racial discrimination and Hanover's Greek letter societies.

The discussion, which had been previously rumored as the formation of an SDS chapter, originated as a conversation between Sophomore Marian James and Mr. Joseph E. Scott, a Hanover instructor. The originaly planned meeting was prompted by accusations made by black students at the "Perspectives on America" discussions the night before that Hanover's Greek organizations were racially restrictive in their membership programs.

During the debate, several Greeks, like Jean Rasmussen, attempted to justify their rush programs, referring to National organization pressures, and adding that racial prejudice did not originate in the chapter.

Very emotional and personal accusations were made repeatedly throughout the meeting. Some of the Greeks insisted that though there were opportunities for racial prejudice in their houses, the organizations were worth saving and should not be eliminated.

Hunt Protho, a junior, advocated elimination of the sororities as the only satisfactory solution. Jean Rasmussen shouted, "stop calling us racists! We're inside the system, and we're trying to make it work!"

Time schedules and other obligations prevailed and the number of people diminished. The remaining students attempted to keep the issue alive and organize another form of discussion.

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Caroline Brunner (HC 2018) selected this article for Learning in Black and White, a study of African Americans at Hanover College from 1832 to 1980.
This is a faithful transcription of the text as it appears in the print version of the Triangle, available at the Hanover College Archives.

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