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"Racial Problems Will Be Discussed," Hanover College Triangle, 16 Dec. 1955, p. 4.

(Editor's note: The following are short "previews" of personalities coming to assemblies in the near future.)

On Thursday, January 5, a panel of American mixed races and religions will come to the campus from the University of Cincinnati. They will give a discussion on the problems of a mixed racial group on the campus.

One of the members of the panel is Dave Zaverink, whose sister, June, is a sophomore here.

Students and faculty will get a glimpse at the Arctic on Friday, January 6, when Prof. R. E. Frost comes from Purdue to give a short talk on that area. Professor Frost has made numerous trips to the Artic and has done research there. Also, he is an expert on air strip engineering and road building.

On Monday, January 9, the annual Swartz Lecture will be delivered to the campus. Coming from Clinton, New York, President Robert W. McEwan of Hamilton College will speak at an extended assembly period. This will be a return trip for McEwen as he is a former teacher of religion here at Hanover.

Another member of the Hanover family will return the next day as chapel speaker, Reverend William Huber, son-in-law of the Parkers, will come from the St. Andrew Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis.

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Caroline Brunner (HC 2018) selected this article for Learning in Black and White, a study of African Americans at Hanover College from 1832 to 1980.
This is a faithful transcription of the text as it appears in the print version of the Triangle, available at the Hanover College Archives.  (The editor's note is original to the article.)

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