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"Group Discusses Sub-Committee Work on Negro Integration," Hanover College Triangle, 18 Nov. 1955.

Sub-committees were discussed at a meeting Thursday of the Hanover Integration Committee of the Student Council.

The Integration Committee, under the co-chairmanship of Dick Machek and Betty Taggart, was re-organized last semester to make preparations for the admission of the Negro students to the College next year.

With this in mind, sub-committees were appointed to investigate the opportunities for jobs for Negro students in the community, the possibility of their patronizing various establishments, and to discover the attitude of the community and campus in general toward the admission of the students.

Sub-committees and their chairmen are: Jobs at college and in town, Don Deller, Don Kastner; Restaurants, Marion McCoy, Janiel Edmonds, Ann Ferris; Theatre, Dan Kile; Hotels, Motels, Faculty Homes and Meals, Mary Lee Crofts, Don Dhonau.

Service clubs and women's groups, Gary Babcocke, Mary Ellen Poe; Public Relations, Pam Patterson, Marilyn Herzog; Scholarships, Harry Keith, Luella Robbins; Churches, Dick Machek, Larry Liddle.

Swimming pools, parks, Tom Katsanis; Haircuts, miniature golf, Ed Ghering, Dale Adams.

Faculty members of the committee are Dr. John Jansen, Dr. Robert Bowers, and Dean Lee Copple.

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Caroline Brunner (HC 2018) selected this article for Learning in Black and White, a study of African Americans at Hanover College from 1832 to 1980.
This is a faithful transcription of the text as it appears in the print version of the Triangle, available at the Hanover College Archives.

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