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"Race Relations Are Discussed by SCA," Hanover College Triangle, 27 Apr. 1945, p. 4.

Approximately forty members attended the all-membership meeting of the Student Christian Association on Tuesday, April 17, in the Donner Hall dining room.  Lucy Gilbert took charge of the program, which she turned over to the race relations panel, conducted by Dr. Swartz.

The panel included Mr. Fred Action, at present working on a municipal housing project for Negroes, Mr. Black, Secretary of the Urban League, Rev. L. W. Bottoms -- all from Louisville, and Mr. Howard L. Wallace, former school teacher in the South, from Hanover.

The panel discussed understanding the Negro, false rumors about riots, the problems during the war, the educational and industrial postwar problems, separate areas of equal opportunity, and natural grouping in society.  The panel concluded that human relationship is the real problem.  Mr. Bottoms said, "A good life is not money or power but a spirit of freedom that will eliminate conflict."

At present there are two groups working to get action; they are the pressure group.  The Fair Employment Policy is an example of the pressure idea.  There is room for both groups methods.

After the discussion, which lasted an hour, students talked informally with the panel speakers.

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This article was selected for Learning in Black and White, a study of African Americans at Hanover College from 1832 to 1980.
This is a faithful transcription of the text as it appears in the print version of the Triangle, available at the Hanover College Archives.

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