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September 14, 1973

Ken Gladish, "Think about it: Modest Proposals," Triangle, 14 September 1973, 4.

Some months ago when the Student Senate sponsored the third Perspectives on Hanover we focused our attention on the academic and curricular program at our college. During the three days of the Perspectives we heard speeches, took part in discussions, and asked questions.

During one of those discussions, Dr. Robert Rosenthal, (Philosophy) suggested that one of the things we could do to improve the intellectual climate here might be to provide a mechanism by which one person might tell another about something of interest or importance that he had read.

Actually, it’s a very simple idea, and to my way of thinking,, one worth pursuing.

A college campus would seem to be the kinds of place at which people are doing a lot of reading in a wide ranging number of areas both inside and outside of the classroom. Likewise it is traditionally the kind of place where intellectual unrest is the order of the day.

Let us assume we are at such a place Hanover College. And let us next assume that we have some people here who are doing some serious reading and exploration our student body and faculty.

Now it is safe to assume the there exists some exchange of ideas already about books and authors, but why not provide another opportunity for such exchange?

As our lead editorial this week suggests a newspaper should be the kind of publication which stimulates dialogue, why shouldn’t this newspaper use some to advertise new ideas? In the coming weeks we will run short pieces on new books and authors rediscovered with relevant information on publishers, price, and availability. We are willing to reserve space on these pages for such a feature, but of course, we need contributions if you have a book you’d like to tell some one about, tell us.

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