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James G. Goble and Jeff Nelson, letter to the editor, Triangle, 15 September 1967, 2. 

To the Editors:

We, the undersigned, wish to express our opposition to the methods of enforcement of Freshman Rules currently being employed by the Varsity H Club.  Specifically, we are opposed to the members of this club drawing a red "H" on the foreheads of violators of the rules.

We remember no time during our years at Hanover College when such tactics were used, and the absence of such methods has not, in our judgment, had an adverse effect on the Classes of 1968, 1969, and 1970.   We see no reason to suppose that the class of 1971 will outshine any other class here as a result of being forced by such methods to wear beanies.

We see no purpose for the actions of the Varsity H Club other than the ridiculing and embarrassment of the Freshman Class.  We are shocked to see such actions being carried on at Hanover College, with the expressed or implied (through silence) consent of the members of the Orientation Committee.  We feel that these actions have no place whatsoever in a community of scholars.

[by James G. Goble, '69, and Jeff Nelson, '68]

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