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Mark Hershman, "Hershman Reports from State Presidents Conference," Triangle, 4 November 1966, 7.



As was written last week, I attended the Indiana Student Body Presidentís Conference at Indiana University.  The conference was a tremendous success from the consensus of those presidents that attended.


On Saturday night the conference was opened with a banquet and a speech by Dean John Snyder of the Junior Division.  In the speech he discussed the split between administration, faculty, and students present on so many campuses.  Then the members moved on to a session concerning Operation Ballot-Box for University Students.  The operation was explained to the conference, and the representatives from the various schools voted to endorse the operation on an individual basis hoping to get the support from their respective student governments within the next two weeks.


The next morning a session was held to discuss various problems inherent in all campuses. The various problems discussed were teacher-course evaluation, student scholarship foundation, popular artist programs, judicial disciplinary courts, and student participation in academic matters.  Finally, in the afternoon we heard talks given by representatives from Associated Student Governments and National Student Association.  Each speaker gave a brief background on his organization and spoke of the purpose and programs offered to all schools who wished to be members.


My personal evaluation of the conference would fall under the category of excellent.  We are planning to have one every year.  The formation of a permanent student lobby out of these conferences is a good possibility.  I was very inspired after attending and hope to get many of the projects brought forth in the conference into action on the Hanover College campus in the near future.  

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