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Sue Kuc, "Etc.,"  Triangle, 1 November 1963, 3.

At the risk of sounding preachy and pedantic, I'm going to say something that I've learned - - or discovered - - within the past week.  Take it for what it's worth.  Its value, I think, is relative and will depend upon the individual.


Students, ideally speaking, come to college to study and to learn.  Many collegians deviate from the straight and narrow and use their college years for pastimes other than study, of course.  Those who have provided the basis for my discovery, however, are the students who are diligent about hitting the books.  There's more to college than studying, friends.


There are things like noticing that the Ohio never looks the same, that the leaves are more brown than anything else this year because of the lack of rain, that the girl next to Ron Hammerle has learned to manage his cast quite nicely.


There are things like realizing that morning brings beautiful occasions like sunrises in addition to ugly occasions like getting out of bed.  There are things like remembering how excited you used to be able to get about things you now take for granted.


There are things like the realization that your life is meant to be more than an existence.  Simultaneously, there is the realization that whether you live or exist is - - or at least should be your decision.


My discovery?  The fact that time has to be allowed for some of these extra-curricular things.  Without the allowance, life ceases to be anything more than periods of time to get through so you can go to sleep.


You say a day only has twenty-four hours?  I'm well aware of that - - especially when I can only spend three or four of the twenty-four with my eyes closed.  Somehow, though, you have to make time for things besides books.


Life has to be more than studying for tests and going to meetings; it has to be more than existing.  Did you enjoy the serenade?  

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