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Golf at Hanover

December 9, 1927

By reading this article from the Hanover Triangle, one can see that new sports and the opportunities to play them were becoming available at college campuses around the 1930s. New inventions made the game more desirable to play and Hanover students really became interested. The approval of a brand new golf course and a coach willing to help students in golf attracted their attention.

Golf was invented in Scotland in the twelfth century. It became more popular in the nineteenth century, and new inventions helped the sport gain massive support. In the 1900s, new technologies, such as new mowers, came out to advance the sport. The mowers helped cut the grass shorter, and it made it easier for golfers to get better scores. In the 1930s, two other new inventions came out: the metal shaft and the wooden tee. These two inventions led to better drives and gave golfers more confidence in their play. With the new technologies that advanced the game of golf, Hanover College students opened their eyes to something exciting to play. - Zach Wojcik

Source: "Golf," Wikipedia.

N.B. The text below is transcribed verbatim, including the occasional typographical error.

“College Ground Near Ballard’s Probable Links,” Hanover College Triangle, 9 December 1927, 1.

Golf clubs may become the usual instead of the unusual sight on the Hanover campus perhaps as early as the coming spring, according to a petition taken by the executive committee of the board of trustees in Madison a week ago, when approval was stamped on a proposal fostered by Coach C. V. Money that the old wheat field adjoining Dr. Frank Ballard’s home, be made over into a golf course.

The ten acre plot is property of the college, and for the past few years has been sown in wheat. It would make an excellent location for a golf course, however, according to Coach Money.

According to plans afoot, should the course become reality, a golf club among the students and faculty of the college would be organized and Coach Money would begin preliminary steps toward building up a team to represent Hanover in state competitions.

Several trustees at the meeting expressed a great deal of interest in the proposed project, according to officials who attended, and those from Madison asked that their names be numbered among the players should a course be laid out.

There are in school this year a number of men students who have played golf in the past, and a good many more who wish to learn the game, and there can be little doubt that a course would attract many coed golfers as well. Money knows the game, and can teach it, and would be glad to develop the sport, he indicates.

President W. A. Millis is himself no mean golfer, having taught the game as well as played in other days.

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