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School Spirit and the Hanover-Franklin Rivalry

October 29, 1909

Even almost 100 years ago, the rivalry between Hanover and Franklin existed like it does today. Today, both teams circle the last game of the season as the most important game of the year, the game when the teams play each other with the winner getting to take home the coveted Victory Bell. The Hanover vs. Franklin football game is the oldest rivalry game in the history of the college football in any NCAA division. In 1909, thirty years since Hanover began its football program, this game illustrated the big rivalry between the schools. The excitement, as described in the October 29, 1909, issue of The Triangle, points out that this was the game for Hanover students to have school spirit and to cheer on the Hanover varsity football team. -Jon Wheat

N.B. The text below is transcribed verbatim, including the occasional typographical error.

"Tomorrow's Game," The Triangle, 29 October 1909.

Tomorrow's Game

Franklin Defeated 17-5 Last Year, Here

Men, Get Together on the Cheering!

At last, here are our Baptist rivals from Franklin. Tomorrow they come for our scalp. Now fellows here's a question, will they have it?

Last year the students remaining at Hanover College were uproariously jubilant when the message came that Hanover had tied with Franklin with the score of 5-5. Then when Franklin came here the Hanover Varsity defeated them 17-5, to the unbounded delight of our student body.

The success or failure of this game tomorrow depends on not the team alone, but on the support given the Coach and team by every individual student.

Too often students will go on the false conclusion that the team has everything in its hands and that they need not put themselves out or give themselves completely up. That spirit must be overcome or success will never be gained.

Tomorrow let everyone of us forget we are individuals, and work and cheer in unity. Let us, with our cheering, simply get control of our Varsity and push it down the field to victory. We can, if we only will! Come now, show your spirit and get together. Always be on the look out for that bunch of fellows that is going to yell, and then join right in with them. They need the help of every one of you and not your ridicule.

Don't forget your nine rahs for the team!


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