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Student Dining at Donner Hall

September 25, 1964

Chivalry Ends: Equipment Replaces Human Hands

The family-style meals of the Donner Residence Hall have been replaced by the quick, cafeteria method of serving. The Freshman class of 1968 will never know the pleasure of being waited on by waiters and waitresses. The girls will not have the privilege of being first in line and being seated by the male students.

The family-style meals at Donner began with the playing of chimes and the giving of grace by a member of the Campus Fellowship. After dinner, the dishes were removed by waiters rather than the dumb waiter. The dumb waiter carries the plates to the basement where student helpers put the dishes into automatic washers to be cleaned.

The cafeteria method of serving has required a great deal of new equipment for the kitchen of Donner Hall. Besides the cafeteria line and the dumb waiter, the kitchen section received steam cookers, a freezer, and two new refrigerators. A loading dock and two small rooms were built onto the back of the kitchen.

Mr. Ward Borter, the new director of food, plans the meals for a week. The cooks at Donner Hall have found the equipment satisfactory and the storage rooms very convenient.

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