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Jesse Owens Visit

September 25, 1964

On this day in 1964, Olympic Gold Medalist Jesse Owens visited campus and spoke at Parker Auditorium on "Facing Tomorrow through Education and Leadership." Many in the audience would have remembered the drama of his winning four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. For an African American to run faster and jump farther than top German athletes had been a satisfying repudiation of Hitler's ideas of Aryan superiority. By 1964, Owens was a popular motivational speaker, inspiring listeners with the story of his overcoming an impoverished and disadvantaged childhood to become "the world's fastest human." -smv

Article submitted by Andrew Bernert, '12.

N.B. The text below is transcribed verbatim.

"Jesse Owens to Talk," Hanover College Triangle, 15 Sept. 1964, 1.

Jesse Owens, former Olympic champion and noted public relations consultant, will speak to Hanover students during an assembly October 1 in Parker Auditorium on the topic, "Facing Tomorrow Through Education and Leadership."

Mr. Owens first became famous after setting three world track records while a sophomore at Ohio State University in 1935. The following year he took part in the Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany and became the first participant to win three different events since 1924.

In recent years Mr. Owens has helped to organize amateur athletic groups. He is currently working in the area of public relations by making numerous speeches such as the one he will present here next week.

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