Charm Aint Gonna Do You No Harm

September 24, 1976

N.B. The text below is transcribed verbatim, including the occasional typographical error.

Steve Charles, "Charm Aint Gonna Do You No Harm," Hanover College Triangle, 24 Sept. 1976, 5.

This Tuesday past, the "proud" members of the Hanover Community received the "charming" advice of Ms. Mignon Doran, founder of the Personal Development Institute at Morehead State University. Following an introduction by Mortan Board President, Stephanie Keitz, Ms. Doran expounded on the importance of "selling oneself" to people in order to "lift yourself above the crowd."  this may best be achieved, as Ms. Donan explained, by using the "weapons" of courtesy, charm, and good manners and by being conscious that everything you do can be used to influence people.

The talk was received with mixed opinions by those persons present, some of whom were taking notes for Sociology classes and others who were simply attending for amusement.  Keeping in mind this reporter's prejudice, it appeared that some thought certain areas of the address were not expecially relevant to the human condition.

The whole idea of selling oneself would seem to contradict the purpose of self identity and of sincere relationships with others.  In any case, the convocation may be viewed as a success in that it was the topic of many dinner conversations Tuesday night.

In addition to her speech, Ms. Doran (who performed for $150, offered a workshop which was attended by 16 people.  There, hints were given as to the proper methods of making "good" impressions on the general public (for whatever that's worth).  Among the suggestions were the following given in handouts written by Ms. Doran herself:
  1. Brush your teeth and floss daily.
  2. "Wash your face."
  3. "Do eat breakfast."
  4. Assume you have body odor; "Always use a deodorant."
  5. "Are you wearing freshly laundered undies and hosiery?"
  6. "Don't eat onions for dinner unless the whole company does."
  7. "Ladies always wear gloves on the street."
  8. "Never boss people whom you don't employ."
  9. Appearing in Public without a shirt or in a T-shirt is a "No no if you know know."
  10. "Tweeze stray eyebrows."
  11. "Be cheerful.  Hide your worries, pains and disappointments under a smile."
Whether any person on the Hanover campus could measure up to these standards of charm is not for me to judge; whether they should feel compelled to do so is each person's perogative.  But the convocation did bring up some interesting questions concerning values in our society. . .

Mignon Doran

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