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How the Triangle Was Named

April 2, 1909

In this first-ever issue of the Hanover College Triangle on Friday April 2, 1909, the editors established why the school newspaper has the name of "Triangle." According to the Triangle editors in their April 9, 1909, publication, it was a point of pride that Hanover College could show itself to be no longer the "old College on the Hill" but rather one that was "excellently equipped with 20th century improvements." The editors justified the new publication saying: "It shall be the ultimate purpose of the Triangle to keep a complete, accurate, and interesting record of the current events among the students and alumni of this institution. Also to record as far as is expedient, such events in other colleges as in any way affect college life in general." With other college papers, such as the Wabash Bachelor and The Earlhamite, being recently established, Hanover College took a prestigious step in developing its own newspaper. For these reasons, the Triangle, propelled the college into the new century and gave students, faculty, alumni, and others a way of keeping in contact with events occurring on campus. - Benjamin Worrell '08

Source: "College Paper," Hanover College Triangle, 9 April 1909.

N.B. The text below is transcribed verbatim, including the occasional typographical error.

"An Apology," Hanover College Triangle, 2 April 1909.

We, theEditors of the "Hanover College Triangle," wish to apologize to our kind and good natured subscribers for the delay of publishing this our first issue. This delay was caused by the belated arrival of type. and could not be avoided. If you will pardon us, and we are sure you will, we will try to avoid any future trouble and dissapointment.

"Why Triangle," Hanover College Triangle, 2 April 1909.

Born into a world laden with used-up ideas, and at a time when a publication is the most desirable attainment of any party of power, and considering that there are several thousand differently named publications in our neighborhood. is it not a wonder that we found a unique name?

Altho Hanover has the only "Triangle" in the Category, so far as we know, still this name was inevitable. We never looked for it It found us. We were using it before we were aware of the fact. Not only using it but actually were from the beginning. The first vision of a press club was an accidental triangle. We became tied up in a triangle at the first meeting, but no one understood it then. Our Constitution was framed. For some reason it was a triangle. Everything we did was in a triangle; we sat in a triangle, talked in a triangle, and after meetings some seemed to walk in a triangle-due of course, to enthusiasm pure and simple. But this triangular effect was not realized until the organization was complete. Somebody said "what shall we name it?"; there was a dead silence; a look of understanding passed from one to the other-a smile of approval glided quickly around the Triangle, turned to a vibration of laughter and in an instant the thing was done. But why so? Simply this:--Three classes are represented. Not over three men from any element in College at the same time. Nine the total number. The third of Feb. our first meeting and the third Wednesday of each month shall be regular meetings. So we came in threes; so we are a triangle and as such we hope to have the strength of that figure, and endeavor to give our news in such melodious tones as becomes a well made Triangle.

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