The Hanover Historical Review

Volume 15, 2020

Entire Text

Daniel P. Murphy and J. Michael Raley, "Foreword"

Outstanding Freshman History Essays

Cleo R. Mills, "The Consequences of the Christian Conversion of Constantine: Favoritism, Conflict, and Heresy"

Student Essays

Meghan Lanter, "La Reconquista: The First, the Last, and the Most Successful Constellation of Crusades"

Katarina M. Rexing, “Pagan Ritual, Witchcraft, and Heresy: Transformation from the Early to High Middle Ages: ca. 500-ca. 1300 A.D”

Malkia A. Wakuika, “Dr. Denis Mukwege: Addressing the Nightmare of Sexual Violence against Congolese Women”

Outstanding Senior Theses

Nicholas Vaughn, “Preparing for Greatness: Abraham Lincoln’s Failed Term in Congress”


The HHR Editorial Board welcomes submissions of essays, document transcriptions and translations, and book reviews of a historical nature from any discipline.

Manuscripts must be prepared in conformity with The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, in 12-point Times Roman font, double-spaced (including footnotes) and with pages numbered.

Submissions should be submitted by email attachment as a Microsoft Word document to Professor Michael Raley (CLA 113, Because all submitted manuscripts will be evaluated anonymously, the author's name should appear only on the title page. There should be no identifying markers (including headers and hidden texts) within the body of the paper.

Articles should not exceed 3,000 words without the prior approval of the HHR editors. Please note that submissions accepted for publication may be edited to conform to the HHR's style. The HHR editors remain the final arbiters of length, grammar, and usage. However, they will endeavor to consult with authors with regard to any changes made in the interest of clarity and economy of expression.

The HHR disclaims responsibility for any statements, either as fact or opinion, made by contributors.


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