The Hanover Historical Review

Volume 12, Spring 2017

Entire Text (in pdf format)

Daniel P. Murphy and J. Michael Raley, "Foreword"

President Lambert's Inaugural Address, Hanover College, October 3, 2015

Lake Lambert III, "Education for 'A Tough Mind and a Tender Heart'"

Student Essays

Trent A. Taylor, "The Influence of Pope Gregory VII and the Gregorian Reform on Pope Urban II: Differences in Motives and Agendas with Respect to the First Crusade"

Mersadi’s Dā Curtsinger, "The Struggle for the Conquest of Antioch (1097-1098): Muslim and Christian Perspectives of a Critical Battle during the First Crusade"

Claire Harvey, "The South Bend Fugitive Slave Case: How Varying Attitudes Towards Slavery Affected the Outcome"

Jenna Auber, "Kappa Alpha Theta at Hanover College, 1882-1899"

Hannah Markisohn, "The Soviet Sports Machine"

Outstanding Freshman Essays 2016-2017

Sara Rutkowski, "World War I: The Lost Generation’s Legacy in Literature"

Eric Woodruff, "Reinhard Heydrich’s Kristallnacht Order: A German Cultural Catalyst"

The Hanover Historical Review is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in undergraduate scholarship and writing.

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