"Our Girls"
The Hanoverian September 1880

          Hanover College has at last stepped into the wake of all progressive institutions of learning and admitted young ladies on equal footing with young men. The College Trustees has had the matter of coeducation under advisement for several years past and, by careful examination of the interests of the College and her friends, they have determined that coeducation is the true system. Like all other institutions, when a reform is proposed, she has waited to see some of her sister institutions try the “experiment” before she would trust her fair name and interests with an uncertainty.

          Our interests as a free people demands, coeducation; for, as we advance in civilization, women take more or less active part in our public affairs, and unless they have the same advantages as men they cannot be as well qualified to engage in public matters. When we as a people, both male and female, attain a high standard of education, we will be freed from the difficult and dangerous questions that so often endanger our existence as a republic. Since Hanover has embraced this progressive idea of education, we hope to see many other institutions of like standard receive our girls on equal footing with our boys.