Editorial from the Hanover Monthly September 1883

          Our salutatory speech would be only half complete, and our bow only awkwardly done, were we to omit the mention of a “lady in our midst.”

          We are firm advocates of co-education. We acknowledge and give credit to the noble work which American women have accomplished in the past, but we look forward to even greater things in the future. The MONTHLY is proud to record a lady’s name on our editorial staff. Here in a college which advocated co-education, we are no discriminators of sex. Woman’s pen has lent greater charm to journalism in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. Woman’s place in the new era which Hanover has entered upon is a prominent one. The period of inertial is past. Away with all barriers which would oppose the march of woman’s mind. The result of this united labor is a happy one, though a difference may be observed between the efforts of the two. Man’s greater strength is displayed, but when met with a sharper weapon, woman’s wit, all strife is quit, and the union thus effected lends greater charm to the task, and a more glorious triumph to the accomplishment.