Robert P. Hamer
Sharecropping Agreement

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Robert Hamer used a printed form to compose this contract with Bob McGaha.
In the transcription below, the handwritten text he added to the form is in italics.

Memorandum of Agreement

{1}between ___R.P. Hamer___ Planter, of the County of ___Marion___ State of ___South Carolina___ and ___Bob McGahha___ Laborer, engaged, or to be engaged, in plantation work upon the lands of said Planter known as ___McKeller___ Plantation; made this ___1st___ day of ___January___ Anno Domini eighteen hundred and seventy ___five___ and to continue in force until the ___first___ day of ___December___ 187___5___

{2}The party of the first part (Planter) agrees to furnish the ___said Bob with the same farm he worked last year and what Guano furnished if any to be put at the credit county price, all other advances that I may furnish to be put on the same conditions reserving the rite of controll of said farm in full.___
and the party of the second part (Laborer) agrees to use all diligence, and give his time and attention, to the best of his ability, to the cultivation of the soil, to the tending and gathering in of the crop, and ___
all to be done in due time, repair all the fensing and secure from fire by cleaning under it, replace fensing for crossfense and finish ditch that is started so as to drain ponds intended to drain, do all the [turfing?] in power to do this spring on my cottonland, keep fire off of said lands, answer to all calls from the said Hamer or his agent ___

{3}And in consideration of the services of said Laborer the said Planter agrees to give him for his sole use and benefit all crops raised upon such portion of the land as he may cultivate in excess of ___twelve hundred lbs. good white lint cotton and enough of ballance of crop to pay for all advances from said Hamer, if it takes all the crop to do so ___
which last the said planter reserves for his own use and benefit.

{4}And it is mutually agreed that none of said crop shall be removed from said plantation without the written permission of said Planter; and the said laborer, for any violation herein, shell forfeit all share and interest in said crop.

{5}And it is further agreed that the Laborer shall deliver to said planter the planter's portion of said crop ___so fast [as] - he may direct - in gathering and [Ginned?] as he may direct - and put in marketable condition ___ on or before the ___fifteenth ___ day of ___November ___ 187___5 ___.

{6}And to the performance of this agreement each party binds himself, his heirs, executors and administrators.
The seed to the amount of three hundred [and] seven bush[els] belongs to the said Hamer in return of seed used this year [and?] for [manuring?] said crop advanced by said Hamer.


___J.J. Sineath, sined Feb 26, 1875___

___Robt. P. Hamer___

___X (Bob McGaha, his mark)___

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