Hanover Songs, 1924-1925

The following are a sampling of songs from a 1924 pamphlet, which was probably distributed at football games and other college events.

"1924 Class Song"
by Ocean Wave Smith

Oh! Beautiful with hill and trees
And river flowing near
These scenes we'll treasure in our hearts,
Our Alma Mater dear.
Oh! Hanover; Oh! Hanover!
The lessons thou hast taught,
Of God's truth, love and purity,
Shall never be forgot.

To those dear friends who patiently
Have led in wisdom's ways,
We bring our gratitude and love,
We bring a song of praise,
Oh! Teachers dear in Hanover,
We promise to be true,
And give to others of the gifts,
That we've received from you.

We've come at last to parting days,
We leave these loved halls,
We say "goodbye" to friends so dear.
To go where Duty calls.
Oh! Hanover, dear Hanover,
We bid thee fond farewell,
And crave a blessing as we go,
So far from thee to dwell.

"Hanover for You"
by Mrs. H.H. Millis
(Sung to the "Stein Song")

Drink'a health to old Hanover,
Wave aloft the red and blue,
Sing the praise of Alma Mater
To her name we'll all be true,


For the blue sky bends o'er us,
And loud rings our loyal chorus,
While we all pledge Hanover
Hanover, we're all for you!

Sons and daughters rally round her,
Bring the best she gave to you,
Tune your harps and lift your voices,
Pledge your faith and love anew.

Life and love to thee, our college,
Songs of thee our hearts shall fill;
Choicest blessings be upon thee,
Grand old college on the hill.

"Boola Boola"

Boola-boola, boola-boola,
Boola-boola, boola-boola,
Boola-boola, boola-boola,
Boola-boola bool-boe.

Go Hanover, go Hanover,
Go Hanover, go Hanover,
Go Hanover, go Hanover,
Go Hanover, go Hanover!

untitled: "Let's do our best"

Let's do our best to boost our college, here on the hill,
Boost with a will, and never let up 'til
We get the people thinking that the school that fills the bill
Is found at Old Hanover

untitled: "We are bold"

We are bold, bad men. We are daring desperadoes.
We hail from Hanover, Indiana,
With our songs and yells and our red and blue banners,
Everywhere we go we give our war whoop--WOW

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