The Imperial Night-Hawk
(May 9, 1923)

Excerpted from the Original Electronic Text at archived at the Internet Archive.

The Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s directed its hostility to immigrants and Roman Catholics as well as African Americans. Some of its appeal was the fraternalism, philanthropy, and ritualism that it shared with more mainstream organizations like the Masons. Millions of white Protestant Americans joined -- including many elected officials and community leaders.

"Would Bar Aliens as School Teachers"


{1} The legislature of the State of Minnesota has up for consideration a bill which might well be introduced in every legislature in the United States in the caue of better Americanism.


{2} The bill would prohibit any person not a citizen of the United States from teaching in any elementary school in Minnesota


{3} Children in the elementary schools should be safeguarded against un-American or foreign interests. It is at this period of life that hte child should be taught patriotism and love of country. Such ideas cannot be properly inculcated in formative minds by individuals who do not render whole-souled devotion to flag and country themselves and whose hearts are not thoroughly in accord with American ideals and principles.


* * *


"Should Scrutinize Charity Allotments"


{4} Many drives for the purpose of raising funds for organized charities are being conducted in cities in all parts of the United States.

It would be well for Klansmen to carefully check the disposition of such funds and be sure that Protestant institutions receive their proportion of the money donated for charitable work.


{5} The Tri-State American, a newspaper of Memphis, Tenn., recently analyzed the Charity Community Fund of that city and found that while Catholic, jewish and Negro institutions were allotted $121,0000, the Protestant institutions, including both the Young Men's Christian Association and Young Women's Christian Association, were to receive only $56,000. One Protestant institution, The American Christian Home, received no allotment at all. The Convent of the Good Shepherd and St. peters Orphanage, Catholic institutions, were to receive between them $75,898 - - $20,000 more than the Protestant total.


* * *


"Klan Komment"


{6} Lincoln Klan No. 11, Realm of Nebraska, made their first public appearance April 19, when twenty-five of their members in full regalia visited the First Christian Church at Havelock. Their leader made a brief address outlining the Christian and patriotic aims of this order.


{7} Despite the opposition of Mayor Hosey of Fort Wayne, Ind., who said that he woudl not permit a Klan parade, members of the Fort Wayne Klan in ful regalia and headed by a brass band paraded the town in full force April 28. Permission to parade was given by the chief of police.


{8} The Klan at Springfield, Ill., the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, is one of the livest and fasted growing organizations in the country. The Klan plans to naturalize a class of between 500 and 1,000 new members in a special ceremonial in the near future.


{9} An illuminated airplane carrying a fiery cross hovered over klansmen of Washington, Ind., when they paraded in full regalia April 28. Announced plans of mayor McCarty to stop the parade did not materialize.


* * *


"Klan Officials of Indiana in Meeting"


{10} On Sunday, April 29, a most remarkable meetingo f Klansmen was held in the city of Indianapolis, Ind. It was composed entirely ofofficials from several hundred Indiana Klans, and two thousand men were present. It was the largest meeting of state officials in the hsitory of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.


{11} Imperial Wizard Dr. H. W. Evans addressed the gathering, congratulating the State of Indiana upon the marvelous progress which it has recently made in Klankraft. Plans were formualted by the enthusiastic Klan leaders for a still greater increase in the numerical strength of the Indiana klans during the summer months.


{12} Indiana is now running close to Texas as beign the strongest Klan state in the union.


* * *


{13} Be Klannish, Morally, Spiritually and Physically.


* * *


{14} A handsome new Klan Temple was dedicated at Connersville, Ind., one day recently. The Klan there is a going organization.


* * *


{15} The Bible and the Flag should be in every American home.


* * *


{16} If a klansman needs help, minister to him; do not wait to "bring it up in regular meeting."



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