Women and Advertisements in the 1950s

Philip Morris,
Philip Morris ad, 1956 (available at Print Ads Through the Decades).

Johnson &
        Johnson ad, 1950
Advertisement in Redbook, 1950 (available at Duke University Libraries' Ad*Access).

Ivory Snow, 1951
Ivory Snow, 1951 (available at "Ivory Snow - Overposed")

Jello ad, 1952
Jello ad, in Life Magazine, June 30, 1952 (available from Wishbook, at Flickr).

Trix ad, 1951
Trix advertisement, in Parents Magazine, August 1957 (available from Wishbook, at Flickr).

Lux, 1957
Lux ad, April 1957 (available at vintage.ads.livejournal.com)

Dow ad 1952
Dow Chemicals ad, 1952 (available from x-ray delta one at Flickr).