Phillip D. Scott
Commencement Address Excerpt
Hanover College
May 2013

In this excerpt from his commencement address, Phil Scott (Hanover College Class of 1964 and Chairman of the Board of Trustees) recalls his college experiences for the Class of 2013.

{1}Just a brief word for the graduating seniors.  You have received a liberal arts education at Hanover.  You have been introduced to a wide variety of subjects.  In today's world this education will prove invaluable.  You haven't been trained solely in one field that might disappear tomorrow.  You have been taught to think.

{2}I didn't appreciate what a liberal arts education was all about until I was 39 years old and found myself in the middle of the Empty Quarter in Arabia.  It was the call to prayer and my first close contact with men of the Islamic faith.  That night we spoke about our faith, culture and family.  If I hadn't been instructed at Hanover in religion, philosophy, history and the classics, I would not have had a basis to discuss matters with the rulers of this country.  It turned out that one of my least favorite courses, religion, was one of the most valuable courses I took at Hanover.

{3}That night was when the light bulb went off for me about my education.  . . .  In order to keep the light on you must continue to study and learn.  That is what your Hanover education has started - - your life's journey.  I wish you each much success in your life and careers.

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